Hand Fetish Videos

The sexiest hands and hand fetish videos

Russian blonde beauty Mishell Goldy is amazing in this video of her dominating a masked slave and smothering him hard. She walks behind the slave and starts choking him with her hands around his neck. Then she wraps her arm around his neck in a choke hold. Then she climbs on his shoulders and puts his head between her legs in a scissor hold and starts smothering him some more.

This gorgeous and very strong mistress shows no mercy on this helpless slave. She has his hands tied so he can't move and she sits behind him with her hands over his mouth and nose. She is trying to smother him because she likes using extreme ways to dominate men. She cuts off his air and he starts to smother but she just pushes her hands harder over his mouth.

Nurse Mia really knows how to take care of her male patients. She knows that the best way to cure many ailment in guys is to give them a handjob. This guy wasn't feeling very well when he came in but once he feels Mia's hands around his cock, he instantly starts to perk up. His dick grows hard in her hand and she jerks him off until he empties his balls in ecstasy.

Beautiful brunette Melinda and her boyfriend are doing what they have done many times, but this time they are going to do it in front of the camera so others can enjoy it. Melinda wraps her soft hand around her boyfriend's cock. It's hard in her hands as she strokes it from balls to head. Her mouth hands open and her luscious lips look sexy as he cums all over her hand.

This slave is an idiot and this blonde foot goddess doesn't hesitate to tell him. She makes him worship her feet and forces him into shoellicking with her sexy high heels on. She doesn't like the way he is worshiping her feet so she makes him put his hand flat on the floor so she can punish him with hand trampling. She crushes his fingers with her full weight pressing down on his hand.

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