Hand Fetish Videos

The sexiest hands and hand fetish videos

Mistress Cassie has a hand fetish but for her, it does not mean what it does for other mistresses. For others, it is all about their hands getting pampered. But for her, it is all about her using her hands to humiliate and punish other people. That is what she did today but choking this slave using her bare hands. She did not care how painful it is and what effect it was having on the slave.

Sexy Jana has a hand fetish and she loves to have losers and slaves pamper her hands the way she wants it. She does not like masseuses who think they know it all and don't do what she wants. Today she had a new loser and she was telling him what she wanted done on her fingers. If he did it right, she would give him a treat and if not, she would punish him.

Mistress Janette likes to take instant action when she does not like something. She either tells someone off on the spot or she punishes that person on the spot. That is what she did to this loser when she realized what he was trying. She made him kneel down and she slapped him brutally. Then she made him lick her shoes before she farted on his face and made him smell it.

Goddess Gloria wanted to enter into a competition for hand models. She researched on the best ways to take care of her hands and she came up with many ways of doing it. She followed those she considered the best. Then she showed her fans the progress she was making and they made further recommendations and gave her crucial feedback. By the time the competition was being held, she was confident of winning.

Lady Alshari wanted to start her own hand fetish website. She knew that was the best way to get in touch with her fans and have them enjoy exclusive content from her. She knew she would entertain them better, communicate with them better as well as make more money from them through increased subscriptions. She then made sure her hands were as sexy as ever and she did crazy stuff with them.

Mistress Jenny and her friend Joss wanted to try the hand fetish. They wanted to try and see what worked best and whether it was something they would like. They got a slave and enjoyed making him do what they wanted. They then made him kneel down and they slapped the crap out of him. It was so much fun and they kept going and going until his face was all red and in pain.

Mistress Natasha wanted to punish her boyfriend Alex for what he had done. She went to the bedroom where he was and she made him sit on the floor and have his head in between her legs. She then used her hands to choke him a little bit. She pinched his nose and covered his face with her hands. She even tried to crush his face with her hands before he begged for mercy.

Lady Mara has sexy hands. She is in fact a hand model. She loves her hands and once in a while likes to treat them. She has sexy hands which she likes to exercise so that they can remain as good as she likes them to be. The exercise involves her squeezing, scratching and crushing a slave with her hands. She always feels great while the slave feels lots of pain.

Mistress Damaris and Mistress Camil wanted to see how macho this guy was. They are hot mistress and kinky as well and they know it was a steal for this guy to screw them both. But they had to make him pay for it and give him incentive to make it worth their while. They used their hands to choke him and strangle him and make him hold on as much as he could. They left him with red marks all over his neck but they made him all worth it when they screwed him.

Jorita knew the best way to do what she wanted to this guy was to use her flirting skills. She is a sexy mistress so she wore her lingerie and then flirted with this guy for a bid and got her wrapped in his finger. Then she told him she had a new thing she wanted them to try. She then slapped him, pulled his hair and then trampled him with her high heels.

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