Hand Fetish Videos

The sexiest hands and hand fetish videos

Lady Anja could tell that this guy was horny. He was looking at her suggestively and since she was bored herself, the mistress chose to use her hand fetish to dominate him and to have fun at his expense. The mistress sucked her finger and made it look like she was giving him vibes of licking his dick. He was so turned on he wanted to fuck her right away but she teased and denied him.

Mistress Anfisa has soft hands because she takes care of them and she loves to use them to have fun. That is what the mistress did today as she used them to get this guy to have the time of his life. She knew he had never felt or tasted the sweetness of soft hands. That is why she did not bother using her pussy. She gave him a taste of her hands and he claimed it was like pussy.

Mistress Jenny has soft hands that feel like a feather and a super sexy ass. Her pussy was out of the question today as it was that time of the month for her. So she asked her boyfriend what he wanted to use to cum between her ass and her hands. Because she had missed how soft her hands were and them rubbing her dick, she went with the hands.

Mistress Gaia and her friend wanted to find out how much cum this guy had in him. So the mistresses used their sexy and super soft hands to rub his dick and to make him feel things he had not felt before. He loved how naughty they were and all the things they made him do. And the mistresses made sure he came several times until he could come no more.

Mistress Jenny has sexy hands and she loves to use them for fun. She does not handle hard work and that is why her hands are always soft. In addition, she takes really good care of them and today she enticed this guy by telling him the kind of fun that she could make him have with her hands and he started fantasizing about it. He tried to convince her to do that for her but she did not. She teased and denied him.

Mistress Enola wanted her boyfriend to feel what he liked to do to her throat when he fucked her in the mouth and insisted on pushing his dick deep down her throat. The mistress went ahead and she inserted her hand into his mouth and she deepthroated him. He gagged and nearly choked as she did that to him and that is when he understood what he did to her.

Lady Zahira felt that this guy needed to be put in his place. He did not know where he belonged and she had to remind him. So she got her hands dirty and she made him lick them clean. In addition, she slapped the shit out of him and she made sure he learned never to piss her off again. He learned about his place and they never had a problem since then.

Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna wanted to do things that they had not done before and that was why they chose to try hand fetish. They wanted to find out how much fun they were able to have with only their hands. So they moisturized their hands and they had a great time doing all sorts of things with their hands. It was a crazy time for them and they loved it.

Goddess Nika wanted to keep herself busy and to have a little fun as she did her thing. That is what led to her having some fun with her hands as she played with them. She tried to come up with all sorts of fun things to do with and to her hands without repeating a single one of them. When she ran out of things to do, she used them to fuck herself.

This mistress had never used her soft hands to please her boyfriend and when she did today, he had a great time and he wanted more. She took a little wine and when she was tipsy, she took his dick in her hands and she played with it and her soft hands felt heavenly and he came on her hands. She did not have to be naked to make him cum.

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