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Mistress Cecilia was done with slow guys and that is why she had to do what she needed to do. The mistress set out to have as much fun as she needed to have and that is why she went out of her way to smother this guy. He choked as she did her thing on him and she even laughed at him as she did it. He tried to beg her to stop but she did not.

Mistress Sara wanted to use her sexy hands to smother this guy and that is exactly what she did to him. He could not believe what she did to him and he wished that he had not messed with her. But she did not care about anything other than torturing him and that is exactly what she did to him. He lived to regret his choices and learn to do better.

Goddess Nika was of the opinion that she had to dominate as well as deal with this guy and she did it with her hand fetish. The mistress used her hands to both pleasure the guy and to torture him as well. She wanted him to experience both so that he knew that she could be good or bad depending on how he treated her and what he did to her.

This ebony mistress knows how to give a sick handjob and when she told this guy, he wanted to hear more. The mistresses needed to show off her hands and she did it today as this guy wanted to have some fun with her. But she had some rings on her fingers and she told him that if he would be lucky to get a handjob from her, she would remove them.

Mistress Kirstin has sexy hands and she knew that she could use them to flirt and so she did. She had a great time teasing this guy with her hands. He loved it and he enjoyed seeing what she did. The mistress loved the fact that the guy responded to her and she used that chance to manipulate him for her own benefit as well as for her own fun.

Lady Liana found out that she had been misdirected and she dd not like it. She felt that it was important to torture this guy and she made sure he felt all the pain and humiliation that she had never felt before. He was choked using her soft hands and he could not believe that those soft hands could inflict such pain and humiliation on him. He never messed with her again.

Goddess Gabriella felt that this slave did not learn anything and that was not ok with her. She had to change and act in the best interests of the team. So goddess Gabriella made sure that he learned his lesson in a way that he would not forget it in a hurry. He was spat on, he was choked and he was also slapped by the mistress. He was powerless to do anything about it.

This mistress wanted to use her hands to smother and dominate this guy. She did so in a way that he had never expected or experienced before. He wished that he had done things the way the mistress wanted but it was too late and he had to endure all that she had done to him. The mistress felt sorry for him but she had to finish what she had started.

Lady Levana loves trying new things because she is naughty at heart. Today the mistress wanted to try hand fetish because she had sexy hands and she had felt that she would do well in it. That is why the mistress took out her expensive hand cream and used it to make her hands get even softer and glow. Then she had this guy touch them and he was blown away by how soft they were. He wished he could get a handjob from her.

Goddess Nika was dying to try hand fetish. She had a new slave and now she had no excuse not to try it. All she did was to wait until he made a mistake for her to punish him. And she did not hesitate to do so. The mistress cruelly hand crushed him and especially on his sensitive body parts. She did it for fun and made sure that he was in pain and that he was scared of her.

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