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When you have hands as sexy as mistress Lisa has, you will do anything to protect them. She does all she can to make sure that her hands are the best. She moisturizes them well and she also makes sure that she has them pampered so that they not only look great, but feel great as well. And if she ever decides to give you a blowjob, it is heavenly.

Mistress Marilyn has the best hand jobs ever. She has some of the softest hands you will ever see and she loves her job. She has a hand fetish and she makes sure that her hands are well taken care of. In making sure of that, she also ensures that her hands are able to give the best hand jobs in the business. And it is not a surprise she is so sought after.

This mistress loves and adores her hands. That is because she has a hand fetish. There is nothing she cannot do for her hands. But when it comes to punishing and humiliating others, she knows one of the best places where pain is felt the most is their hands. Today she was punishing this slave so she made him lay his hands on the floor. She crushed them using her high heels and made the slave cry out in pain.

Natalia loves her hands to bits. She loves to pamper them and buy them expensive things and get expensive manicures as well. But today she wanted to use her hands for a different purpose. She wanted to use them to punish a loser. She used her sexy hands to choke the loser and make him see her in a new light. She made him realize that she was not one to mess with.

Miss Anastasias had had enough of her slave's excuses. She wanted to show him who she really was and she did it in style. She used her hands to do the dirty work, and that is something that happens rarely since she has a hand fetish and would rather have her hands pampered than use them to punish someone. She choked him and made him cry like a little bitch.

Mistress Anna was horny and wanted a good pounding. But this guy had a tiny wiener and did not do her the justice she deserved. She was pissed off but instead of sending him away, she decided to punish him. She was only in her bra and underwear but she used her tits and her sexy hands to choke him. She wanted to torture him both sexually as well as physically.

Mistress Cassie has a hand fetish but for her, it does not mean what it does for other mistresses. For others, it is all about their hands getting pampered. But for her, it is all about her using her hands to humiliate and punish other people. That is what she did today but choking this slave using her bare hands. She did not care how painful it is and what effect it was having on the slave.

Sexy Jana has a hand fetish and she loves to have losers and slaves pamper her hands the way she wants it. She does not like masseuses who think they know it all and don't do what she wants. Today she had a new loser and she was telling him what she wanted done on her fingers. If he did it right, she would give him a treat and if not, she would punish him.

Mistress Janette likes to take instant action when she does not like something. She either tells someone off on the spot or she punishes that person on the spot. That is what she did to this loser when she realized what he was trying. She made him kneel down and she slapped him brutally. Then she made him lick her shoes before she farted on his face and made him smell it.

Goddess Gloria wanted to enter into a competition for hand models. She researched on the best ways to take care of her hands and she came up with many ways of doing it. She followed those she considered the best. Then she showed her fans the progress she was making and they made further recommendations and gave her crucial feedback. By the time the competition was being held, she was confident of winning.

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